Right to Abortion

Topics: Human rights, Abortion, Reproductive rights Pages: 10 (3518 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Abortion in Namibia should be legalized, because a woman should have complete control over her fertility and the choice to terminate or continue a pregnancy. The decision to end a pregnancy should depend on each individual woman, because woman must have a right to protect their body. The woman alone must carry and give birth to this unwanted child, so she alone should also have the right to decide whether the child should live or not. Control over her body and the freedom to decide the course of her life is critical to a woman’s civil rights and since when a woman is pregnant it is her body that goes through all the stress of pregnancy, I believe it is right for her to not have the pregnancy if she decides so, because denying her the right to her body is violating her most basic freedom and her right to a reproductive choice. If the government can force a woman to continue a pregnancy, it is the same as forcing a woman to use contraception or undergo sterilization. I therefore render this situation as a very emotional gender issue, with regards to woman. The fact that government does not want to legalize abortion or to give woman complete control over their pregnancy does not make matters any easier, but instead it makes the worse. Illegal abortions are practiced and unfortunately in most cases they put the woman’s life in jeopardy. An estimated population of woman who die from unsafe abortion, shows that nearly 68 000 women risk their life due to certain dangerous and malefic methods. If the government does not want to legalize abortion because they are preserving the child’s right to life… what about the woman’s right to life that is lost due to these illegal abortions. The Namibian government does not want legalize abortion because it is immoral, religious view and mainly because it is apparently contravening article 6, which stipulates that everyone has the right to life. One of the most pertinent questions regarding abortion is when life actually begins and when one can consider a fetus to be a living person. Does life begin at conception, or does it begin at implantation? Various legal instruments are both silent on the matter on what life is. When it ends and when it begins. I strongly believe that a fetus is only considered to be a living person as from implantation, therefore giving women a right to choose with regards to abortion, as long as it is before implantation does not contravene any person’s right to life and therefore it should not be held unconstitutional. Are human rights of people subservient to public policy? Is the government considering the immoral of abortion more than the right to reproduction, the right to privacy and the security of person, which of them do they consider most important. When if ever, is abortion morally permissible? If the moral permissibility of the abortion depends almost entirely on whether the fetus has the right to life, than abortion should be permissible, because the fetus does not have the right to life until implantation. A creature has a right to life only if it possesses a concept of itself as a continuing subject of experiences. He concludes that, because a fetus cannot have a concept of itself as such subject, a fetus does not have a right to life. Abortion is a subject of controversy throughout the world, yet in most countries no women can exercise full and free choice. The wellbeing, minds and bodies of women have been the last consideration in the line. The figures for illegal abortions and the millions who die from them annually in the absence of contraception are growing; abortion related death and illness are an invisible plague to donors. Abortion on its own is an issue that needs to be resolved in order to prevent more unsafe abortions that leads to loss of life in most cases. I am not going the fact that women should have a right to choose with...
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