Right & Responsibilty

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Freedom is a right and to enjoy the right one has to perform a number of duties. In other words right is closely connected to responsibility. No right is exercised without being responsible. If we say - right is a resultant effect of responsibility, it won’t be away from truth. Right is earned and acquired when duties are kept and responsibilities are performed. Just imagine a single coin having two sides – right and responsibility. They go hand in hand – inseparable.

Few examples can clarify the idea better. We all know that small children in the family are of great fun and entertainment. The kind of delight they produce for the parent is rare and immense. But to enjoy this parent must stay responsible to the well-being of the children.

While a nation is built thousands of people sacrifice and are subjected to untold suffering. Freedom is thus acquired and earned. Freedom is not something which is given away to anybody. It is rather earned and then enjoyed. If anyone is eligible for the freedom one can not be denied it for long. India our motherland was under the foreign rulers for nearly two centuries. We lost our freedom to them because we ceased to be eligible for it. The moment the Indians became qualified for freedom they could not be denied it for long. And the qualification to freedom is measured only by duties and responsibilities. This is why they say responsibility is the price for freedom.
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