Right Place, Wrong Face

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Nyiakki Height
English 098
Mr. Kennedy
As I strolled home from work on a late night, I heard a loud siren with blue and red lights headed my way. Minding my own business, I kept walking because I absolutely knew the cops were not looking for an innocent man like me. The police car got closer and closer, quickly approaching my side. I noticed my shoes were untied, and I bent down to tie them. Within a blink of an eye, I was being arrested for attempted robbery because I was black and out late at night. In “Right Place, Wrong Face” by Alton Fitzgerald White, the stage is set for racial prejudice against an innocent man. Racial prejudice is not rare based on someone’s race or color. The way society provides a certain image for a particular set of people decreases their opportunity of showing their true character. Unfortunately White was caught in the right place at the wrong time, which led to his unjust arrest at his Harlem apartment building. His perception of everything was forever changed.

White grew up in Cincinnati as the youngest of his five sisters and two brothers. While growing up, he was raised to believe that if he worked hard and was a good person, the world would be his oyster. The American dream is to become successful in life some kind of way legally. Most people would agree with White’s approach to the world but in his case, it did not work in his favor. His peers describe him as hardworking, successful, talented, charismatic, friendly, and polite. Those characteristics should make any person, no matter race, a decent if not successful person in today’s society. Later in White’s life he became an actor, singer, and dancer and had appearances in several Broadway shows. Therefore the manners he learned growing up was not a total waste, he actually became someone and accomplished great things in his life. Even with his good character the image society gives you is just almost impossible to overcome.

As a person White’s character...
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