Right Job for You

Topics: Police, Criminal justice, Crime Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: September 25, 2012
The Right Job for You
Social Issues

CJ100: Preparing for a Career in Public Safety Prof: Steve McGill Pe’epe’e Matua

The Right Job for You

Three key social issues contributing to the need for CJ practitioners are: peace, order and protection. Criminal Justice professionals are serving individuals, and also in social roles are providing just that, when there is no peace to calm things down. When there is no order, to reform order, and mostly for those in danger and who cannot defend themselves, criminal justice professionals are there in every way. Key social issues impact the role of the criminal justice professional through and through, it is the very ying to the yang of all things in criminal justice professions. Without one the other wouldn’t exist. Socially, all love to have a good time, whether it is in the general public at a bar, club or restaurant or at the very comfort of your home your mother’s home or your uncles estate in the country. Peace is generally what we all set out to end the night in if nothing else, to have a successful night where there were no arguments, fist fights or broken window or doors. A great party or gathering, whatever the occasion might be, ending in peaceful bliss is a truly greater party for yourself, your neighbor and even your city. When there is no peace, there is no party. For example that movie, Project X, it was about a teenager in Melbourne, Australia who threw a party while his parents were out on holiday. The party was so out of hand, neighbors houses were destroyed, lawns and bushes were set on fire cars and the streets were vandalized! Of course throughout the course of the night, the police went into full force to control the crowd and eventually break up the noise and disturbance, but they were still there after for all necessary actions for any and all offenders. When it comes to social order in social forums like: concerts, professional gaming venues like; baseball, basketball, hockey,...
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