Right and Wrong Technologies

Topics: DNA, Genetics, Genome Pages: 4 (1367 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Right and Wrong Technologies
By: Patricia Fuentes

As the world makes huge advances in just about every field of study many of us are wondering what things are right and what are wrong. We all have our own formed opinion on just about everything that the world has to offer. Lately, many advances have been made in the science field and many of us are wondering if what they are doing is ethical and socially right. As people we all will have our own opinion since we were raised in different environments and cultures. Technology like cloning,genetically modified organism and the Human Genome Project are very controversial and I think we should know about them more. Cloning is by far the most controversial topic that many people don’t really understand or have an idea of what it is but most people are wrong on what cloning really is. Cloning is the making of one or more organism that is genetically identical to the parent from which it was made from. When most people hear the word cloning they all think of people being made that are identical this is known as Adult DNA Cloning. This is when DNA is taken from an embryo and then refilled with DNA of an adult donor which in this case would be of an adult human. After the DNA is implanted into the embryo it will start to develop as a normal organism but the difference is that it will contain the exact DNA of its donor. The good outcomes that could come out of all of this includes that couples who can’t have kids or that will have kids with defects won’t have to go through all the emotional and physical pain of having a kid with a disorder instead they would have a healthy baby. Another good thing is that scientist could use cloning technology to better understand the composition of genes and further advance their knowledge on genetic mutations. As to everything having a good outcome it also comes with risk. The risk of cloning is that DNA will stop being diverse and that is not a good thing. DNA needs to...
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