Rien Du Tput

Topics: Reinforcement, Motivation, Reward system Pages: 11 (1951 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Chapter 09
Improving Job Performance with Goals, Feedback, Rewards, and Positive Reinforcement  

True / False Questions

1. Performance management is an organization wide system whereby managers integrate the activities of goal setting, monitoring and evaluating, providing feedback and coaching, and rewarding employees on a continuous basis.  True    False

 3. The performance improvement cycle involves goal setting, persistent effort, and rewards and positive reinforcement.  True    False

 5. The purpose of a learning goal is to accomplish a specific end-result.  True    False
7. Management by objectives is a management system that incorporates the principles of equity theory.  True    False

9. Goals should be stated in vague terms. 
True    False

11. Goals should be impossible, to increase employee motivation.  True    False

13. Goals should have dates for completion. 
True    False

15. Training is often required to help employees achieve his or her goals.  True    False

17. "We truly appreciate your hard work!" is an example of objective feedback.  True    False

19. Feedback serves a motivational role when it serves as a reward or promises a reward.  True    False

21. Personality characteristics, needs, and goals influence one's openness to feedback.  True    False


23. Research indicates that high self-monitors are more likely to seek feedback than low self-monitors.  True    False

25. Feedback with a negative sign always has a negative impact on motivation.  True    False

27. Managers who have proven untrustworthy and not credible have a hard time improving job performance through feedback.  True    False

29. Managers should remember to give plenty of feedback when the final results are accomplished, but not for the incremental improvement steps along the way.  True    False

31. Types of rewards, distribution criteria, and desired outcomes are all components in the general model of organizational reward systems.  True    False

33. Intrinsic rewards come from the environment. 
True    False

35. Feeling competent after completing a difficult task is an example of an intrinsic reward.  True    False

37. If rewards are distributed based on cooperation and risk taking, an organization is using the "performance: results" reward distribution criterion.  True    False

39. A good reward system should attract, motivate, satisfy, and retain talented people.  True    False

41. Managers can accomplish leading for meaningfulness by helping employees identify their passions at work and creating an exciting organizational vision employees feel connected to.  True    False

47. Pay for performance refers to linking at least some portion of the paycheck directly to results or accomplishments.  True    False

49. The traditional piece rate plan is an example of a pay for performance plan.  True    False


51. Thorndike's law of effect states that behavior with favorable consequences tends to be repeated, while behavior with unfavorable consequences tends to disappear.  True    False

53. Skinner used the term "operant behavior" to describe unlearned reflexes or stimulus-response connections.  True    False

55. A corporate culture built on positive reinforcement can foster loyalty, hard work, and creativity.  True    False

57. A student who works hard on a project because of praise and recognition from the instructor is responding to positive reinforcement.  True    False

59. According to operant theory, extinction is the weakening of a behavior by ignoring it or making sure it is not reinforced.  True    False

61. Every instance of a target behavior is reinforced when an intermittent reinforcement schedule is in effect.  True    False

63. Generally, variable ratio and variable interval schedules of reinforcement produce the strongest behavior that is most resistant to extinction. ...
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