Ridley Scott's Blade Runner - Ananalysis

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  • Published : March 15, 2002
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In the science of studying media and communication, there are many different ways of approaching the subject in which you are going to analyse. That is to analyse advertisements, texts, TV-series, films etc. and other media. My task for this assignment is to give an analysis of a film of my choice. A film is a quite complex medium to analyse; thus it is important to have analysis "tools" or some criteria to follow. In my analysis I am asked to consider the use and resolution of binary opposition and through analysis of narrative structure. In my assignment I am going to consider how the couple is represented, and how the narrative structure and binary oppositions have influence on the plot of the story.

Bladerunner is a dark, futuristic science fiction movie, which has been described as a hybrid of science fiction, film noir, detective thriller, bounty-hunter western and love story. Thus, it is a complex film, and there are many possibilities to consider as they relate to the subject matter of science and society, due largely to the plot diversity. I am of the opinion that the most important plot is that androids or replicants vs humans. Deckard's dramatic need in BR is to hunt and kill four "nexus 6" replicants that are considered dangerous to humans. Another plot is the romance between Deckard, human, and Rachel, replicant. Further, film analysts and Blade Runner fanatics frequently ask the question as to whether Deckard himself is a replicant; his glowing eyes, and his fascination for photos are some of the hints which suggest that he is, as photos were a way for replicants to tie themselves to their non-existent past.

The reason why this film is such a "hybrid" is that the elements of the science fiction lies clearly in the visual aspect of the film. The notions Film noir and detective thriller are due to the fact that Deckard is sort of a classical 50's detective that is put into the 21st century. He has got a drinking problem and his wife has left him. Other typical Film noir effects is the voiceover and also the presence of the "femme fatale" Rachel. We can also see that the film uses what is the central theme of traditional western movies, and the conflict between civilised order and the lawless frontier. Finally, there is the love-story between Deckard and Rachel. These are two opposites that attract.

Narrative structure
I am going to start with discussing the narrative structure in BR. According to Todorov (in O'Shaugnessy, 1999, p. 107) there is a basic standard to narratives. In the start of the narrative, there is a stable situation (equilibrium) that is disrupted (disequilibrium) by a "villainous force" (Todorov in Taylor, L., & Willis, A., 1999, p. 76). This stable situation is restored in the end of the narrative. Or as O'Sullivan et al. says "A meets B; something happens; order returns" (O'Sullivan et al., 1994, p. 195). According to Turner "most films start by establishing the lines of conflict which will determine or motivate the events and actions of the story "(1988, p.85). The opening sequence of Blade Runner displays the main conflict. Holden, who is a human interrogator, is killed by the replicant Leon. These are opposing forces that set the main conflict or the plot of the story. However, this theory is not too easy to apply to Blade Runner. The movie does not start with what Todorov calls ‘equilibrium' (O'Shaughnessey, 1999, p 107). In BR the equilibrium is quite diffuse. Even though the situation is going to get more unstable throughout the movie, there is a lack of stability, or plenitude, here. Deckard is in the middle of the chaos existing in Los Angeles in 2019, in a hostile atmosphere. The disequilibrium starts when Roy and Leon (two replicants) enter the eye laboratory of the Tyrell Corporation. It is the first time in the film we encounter the replicants cold and cynical behaviour. This is followed by an emotional disturbance, when Rachel comes to...
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