Riders to the Sea

Topics: Family, Horse, Drama Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: February 24, 2011
Riders to the sea is written by famous Irishman drama writer John Millington Synge as one of his magnum opus. Riders to the sea was written in 1903 and performed on 1904 at Irish National Society. It is a one-act tragedy with four characters: Maurya(mother), Bartley(son), Cathleen(daughter) and Nora(another daughter), based on how Irishmen struggle with the ferocious sea and being hopeless. The whole play talks about one main story: the family's struggle with the sea because their income money for living was come from the sea. Although their family is living a miserable live, they still can’t living without the sea. Their lives also shows the typical life of under-class people in Ireland. Riders to the sea is a great tragedy with thick tragedy emotion. It really shocks me. On the one hand the play shows how brave people are when they are facing the nature; on the other hand it shows how cruel life is and how uncontrollable the fate is. In this play, the sea symbolizes a living evil, which is extremely dangerous, because it took away either Maurya‘s husband, her husband's father and the lives of all her five sons' lives. People are so small and inability when they are facing the all-powerful natural, which was present by the sea . All of these make me truly understand how painful and sad their life is. Riders to the sea has a features, which can't be usually seen in other dramas: it shows an opinion that people has their fate, which can't be changed by people. When I read the play, I feel there are some kinds of mystery power who is controlling the main character's life. At beginning of the play, although the author doesn't say the shirt and the sock is from Michael, I can get the answer by guess because they were got off a drowned man in Donegal. When Bartley is going to sell the horse, Maurya worried that he won't came back, "He's gone now, and when the black night is falling I'll have no son left in the world." It shows what is going to happened to Bartley....
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