Ricky Watt's Marketing Plan

Topics: English-language films, Firefighter, Fire department Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: March 31, 2013
1. Evaluate the promotion objectives Rick Wyatt should include in his plan: These following promotion objectives below should include in Rick’s plan: . To increase the number of volunteers to give back to communities . To create an enjoyable working environment to keep the volunteer serving the communities longer . To have extensive diversified trainings so volunteers and members can be aware of what they’re doing . To let the volunteers know they’re respected and are recognized and are safe 2. What promotion methods should he use to achieve those objectives? In order to achieve these objectives, Rick should do the following steps below: . To put ads in the local papers, banner/signs, radio broadcasts, flyers, posters, word of mouth, or walk house to house to advertise the volunteer are always welcome and needed . To have a short 10 minute videorun on the county public safety cable channel that will show the many operations provided by volunteers plus a video to show that what the Fire Department work and give back to communities . To do fund-raisings to bring capitals so the Fire Department can use these capitals to expand the Department and to award the volunteers . Don't restrict volunteers to be firefighters.  Volunteer can do in different levels of medical response/support; rehab roles; and support roles.  This method allows the Fire Department to bring on a wider range of people, and they all fill a vital role . Develop and use a formal awards program such as certificates, dinner coupon to let the volunteers know their works are recognized and are respected   . A clear communication keeps firefighters feeling as though they are important to the organization and the service's mission . To have a department-wide picnic in the summer or holiday dinner to bring volunteer and their families together . To connect and offer introductory class with Red Cross meetings or classes, blood drives, food banks, and basic community service places to find the...
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