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Lia Adanandus

Mrs. Pirkle


Morris Recreation Center

The Morris Recreation Center is open to everyone, but only free for TAMU-C students. I had to lifetime fitness in the rec. a gym class; I didn’t know I was going to have to take gym like high school. My advisor told me I was getting in a class that would have desk work and I wouldn’t have to work out or anything. The first day I walked in the rec I was shocked there was a big Rockwall in the middle of it. I had to scan my id card to get in and everything. When I got in the class room the teacher went over the syllabus and told us we will be trying everything in the rec I was very disappointed. I did the Rockwall. When I looked up close I was shaking in my pants, but it was for a grade. We didn’t have to go all the way to the top so I was okay. I went to a red line, I think it was the fifteen mark or something like that. All I know is when I seen that line I was ready to get down. I knew I wasn’t making it to the top. I also had to play racket ball it was fun. Nothing really had me tired except the treadmills. I had to walk the whole fifty minutes. I was mad and tired. That was not fun at all. Walking a mile on the track wasn’t fun either. At the end of the class I was happy because we were suppose to swim, yoga and basketball. We never got to it is the class was okay and I came out with a B

For me being 19 I should want to go to the rec and work out but that’s not me. When I was in class walking around the track, there were old people jogging around. I was embarrassed because they were in better shape as me. Little kids have to with an adult, if a child walks to in the rec I doubt they would know what to. They probably would think I was a big play ground. I know if I was a little kid I would have jumped on every machine in the building. The only time I see kids in the rec is if there’s a special event. Like the time they had movie night. I didn’t even have to go inside the pool area....

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