Richer Sound's Case

Topics: Motivation, Julian Richer, Richer Sounds Pages: 3 (611 words) Published: April 29, 2012
How would you describe the Leadership (in the broad sense to include all Human Resource aspects) approach of Richer’s Sounds

Culture of trust and fun: achieved very low theft, turnover and absenteeism. There is a continuous development.

Expectancy theory: expectancy equation: F=V*I*E
In the case, the valence variable is emphasized via rewarding policies and internal promotion custom. 1) The pay for the employees is high
2) Numerous benefits are given besides salary
3) The policy of promoting only from within the company is a potential reward for the good performance of the staff. The measures above effectively increased the valence, which highly motivate employees so they can give the best.

Equity theory: the fact that the pay level in Richer Sounds is at the highest in the hi-fi industry + benefits given to employees is actually rarely seen in other organizations. Richer Sounds employees enjoy a higher ratio of input to output that of staff in other hi-fi retailers, which is actually positive inequity. When people realized the over-reward they received, they tend to reduce the inequity by working harder, according to Buchanan and Huczynski.

Good work recognition, gratitude: very present in the case. The trust put by the management to its employees is actually a kind of recognition in itself for the honesty and credibility. The fact that the staff is working for a reputable company + great pay = pride from employees, which is also a strong motivator.

Richer sounds = formal group: people are formally allocated to form into psychological groups to work together for their common goals as a basic function unit of the organization.

Cohesiveness of group: in the case, we see the efforts put on the cohesiveness establishment of groups and the whole organization. To achieve good results, Richer Sounds tried many methods:

1) Membership: small teams better than big temps (big = reduction of communication, higher absenteeism rate)....
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