Richard the Lion Heart

Topics: Richard I of England, Henry II of England, John of England Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: April 27, 2011
Crazyuser1234 says: yea i defiantly do I wrote a paper on him in college some basic facts are:

He lived from Sep. 8, 1157 - April 6, 1199
He was King of England from 1189 - 1199
He was the third son of King Henry II

Ilovetoblog53 says:
Before he was king his father King Henry II ruled some say he was the greatest England Monarch of all time he changed the government into a self sustaining bureaucracy. He spent a lot time taking control of England, and the British Isles. he economy was decant, but he used a lot of money for his travel and battles. The king believed that people had to earn respect. His sons and ex wife always plotted against him.

blogger556 says: This a good resource and some cool pics!!

bloger567 says: He never gave in to public opinions, but he was military mastermind.He love his family, and could very wise, and foolish about politics.

blogger456 says:
He was called Richard the Lionheart, and King Richard I. He was known for his fighting skills, and bravery. He put England in the third Crusade during his reign. He was taken captive by Duke Leopold of Austria, and while he was gone his brother John tried to take over his throne.

So does anyone know anything about this Richard the Lion Heart guy?

iblogtomuch45 says: the short term effects were he conquered a lot of territories, the long term was that when he died, and his brother john took over he lost a lot of those territories.
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