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  • Published : March 4, 2012
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1. When did Oklahoma open up on Broadway?
March 31, 1943

2. How many performances did the original musical have during its Broadway run? 2238

3. Composer- Richard Rogers
Lyricist- Lorenz Hart
Choreographer- Agnes de Mille
Director- Rouben Mammoulian

4. On what play is the musical based on and who wrote it? The musical is based on Lynn Rigg’s play Green Grow the Lilacs.

5. What were Rogers and Hammerstein’s accomplishments before the two teamed up for Oklahoma? The Flower Drum Song.

6. How was the opening of Oklahoma different from those of the musicals that preceded it? Oklahoma contained strong characters and was set in an old time period.

7. What was the original title? Why did they change it?
Away We Go!, because expectations for the show were low so a musical number was added and the show was named after its number.

8. Which characters are seen in the dream sequence?
Jud, Curly, and Laurey. But it is not actually their characters but other actors representing their characters.

9. Write a detailed summary of the plot and character sequences in the character ballet. In the scene what I believe is happening is that Laurey is dreaming of her life with Curly, such as their wedding and all till Jud intrudes. The dances of Curly and Laurey represent to me there happiness together considering all the ballet. While with Jud the dancing was somewhat cold and stiff. Also when Laurey was with Curly everyone wore beautiful vibrant colors, while she was with Jud they all wore dark colors or black. I believe the overall plot was to show Laurey’s lives with both Jud and Curly.
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