Richard Rich- Personal Reflection a Man of All Seasons

Topics: Thomas More, Conscience, Rain Pages: 2 (892 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Richard Rich- Personal Reflection A Man Of All Seasons

The smell of rain drifted through the ajared window wafting into my nostrils. As the heavens opened up, the tears of sorrow fell from the angels above over Mores death sentence. The grey heavy clouds were concealed by the sinister evening sky. Everywhere I turned, every sound I heard, reminded me of the terrible act I had committed in court this afternoon. I Richard Rich had given up my soul and my conscience for an unworthy reward; Wales. Wales was a puddle compared to the ocean that is England. But being the Attorney General of Wales did bring me a new house and a fresh red velvet chair, which I sat in looking out at my impressive oak tree. Its leaves were violently swirling in the strong wind that accompanied the rain. Much like I was this morning before court. I was confused, my brain swirling in all different directions, while the riches of my decision rained down on me like the water falling from the sky. All the treasures in the world couldn’t change the fact that I had chosen to perjure. I had placed the fate of an innocent man in a guilty mans shoes. Because of my actions one of my friends, Sir Thomas More will be killed for my benefit. My stomach twisted with the sickness that utter guilt brought to a man who just sold an innocent man’s life.

Guilt is like the plague. Sometimes it’s curable, other times it’s fatal. Guilt isn’t just a feeling that can be told to go away you have to treat it; some men treat it with luxuries others treat it with ignorance but some let it grow within them until it’s a creature of its own that can never be cured. I don’t know the best way to cure guilt but I do know that I’ve taken an innocent, fine, loving man away from his adoring family and sent him to the all mighty too soon. And it’s my entire fault. His life was literally in my hands and I had the choice of ending it or extending it and I chose the unthinkable. In my closet the now old but still beautiful...
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