Richard Ramirez

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  • Published : December 19, 2006
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Richard Ramirez, a 25-year old unemployed Hispanic male, was responsible for at least 16 murders in Los Angeles during July 1984 – August 1985 that baffled authorities. Victims ranged from the ages of six to eighty years old. He had no set pattern – weapons used ranged from guns, knives, tire irons, to his bare hands. He dressed in all black wearing an AC/DC hat and Avia running shoes. Victims were scattered throughout Los Angeles he would steal cars to get to each destination and pawn off valuables from the victims for money and drugs. Richard would enter the homes at night through unlocked doors or windows. Addicted to cocaine and sadistic sexual fantasies; Richard prayed and murdered to the allegiance of Satan. Richard's grandiose delusions and psychopathic personality compounded with a violent upbringing, and biological abnormalities played a major role in transforming Richard into the "Night Stalker". Ricardo Ramirez was born on February 29, 1960 in El Paso, Texas. Richard was the fifth and last child of Julian and Mercedes Ramirez, Mexican immigrants; they had three sons, Ruben, Joseph, Robert and a daughter Ruth. Father, Julian was a Policeman in Mexico and when he moved his family to El Paso he became a railway worker. The railway job took him out of town days at a time to work on tracks. When he was home even though he was normally easygoing when angered he was extremely violent to himself and the children. Julian himself was a victim of child abuse who experienced extreme beatings from his father and grandfather. Mother, Mercedes came from a religious family – she was a devout catholic and tried to instill the same values onto her children by bringing them to church regularly on Sundays. Mercedes worked in a boot factory mixing toxic chemicals for painting boots. She worked at the boot factory while pregnant with Richard but left a month before his birth – The chemicals were too strong and made her extremely ill. Her hours also kept her from home so the children were looked after by several different babysitters. A lot of times the children were unsupervised. According to family and friends Richard was an outgoing boy who was doted after by his older sister Ruth. He loved to make his peers laugh and was a fun loving child. He also loved listening to music and dancing with his mother. He loved watching television and was always the first child up – he loved horror shows. During elementary school Richard had no known behavioral problems and earned good grades. There were two head injuries at age five where he was knocked unconscious which doctors stated caused his epilepsy later on as a child. He had his first seizure in fifth grade and subsequently he suffered from one to two dozen petite mal seizures every month along with a few grand mal seizures until he entered his teens. Later he was diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. His biggest disappointment was being thrown off the football team because of his seizures. Due to the epilepsy he also suffered from recurring vivid dreams where monsters were chasing him and once at seven had visions of monsters running around in his yard. Also, at around seven years old he witnessed his brothers being molested by a Teacher who used to help them with schoolwork – Richard stated he doesn't remember if he was molested. At around the same time he stated that he saw a man sodomize a young boy with a candle and he ran from fright. Due to the lack of parental supervision the Ramirez children started experimenting with marijuana and sniffing glue, Richard being the youngest (11 years old) he followed the behavior of his siblings. Richard started losing interest in school and started spending a lot of time with his Cousin Mike who just came home from Vietnam – he was an honored Green Beret. He taught Richard stealth war tactics, how to use weapons, how to fight and even showed him photos of gruesome murders and rapes he had done in Vietnam. One photo was...
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