Richard Peck Biography

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Richard Peck is a 78 years old American novelist. He was born April 10, 1934 in Decatur in the US-State Illinois. He attended elementary and high schools in Decatur. He writes stories for young adults and won several awards.

Peck began to work as a high school teacher before he was transferred to a junior high school to teach English. After a while, he decided to cut his career short and write. However, these observations about junior high school students proved excellent material for his books ( - as we experienced at our story “I go along”). He said, "Ironically, it was my students who taught me to be a writer, though I was hired to teach them.“

After college, he was drafted into the US Army as a chaplain's Assistant and spent two years serving in Stuttgart, Germany. After his military service ended, he stared to teach junior high and high school English.

He left teaching in 1971 to write his first novel, ”Don't look and it won't hurt”. He has written a book each year since then: totaling 41 books in 41 years.

He currently lives in New York and divides his time between writing and traveling.

Here are some of his most popular novels listed:

- “The ghost belonged to me” (1976)
- “A long way from Chicago” (1998)
- “A year down yonder” (2000)
- “A season of gifts” (2009)

Some of his stories were also adapted into movies, like “The ghost belonged to me” (1976), “Are you in the house alone?” (1977) or “Gas food lodging” (1991).

As I already mentioned at the beginning of his biography, Peck won several awards. In 1974 he was nominated for the “Edgar Allan Poe Award” for his novel “Dreamland lake” and in 1977 he finally won the award for his novel “Are you in the house alone?”.

The “Edgar Allan Poe Awards”, named after the author and poet Edgar Allan Poe, are presented every year by the Mystery Writers of America. They honor the best in mystery fiction, non-fiction, television, film and theatre published or produced in the...
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