Richard Parkers Attributions to Pi's Survival

Topics: The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, Pacific Ocean, Tiger Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Justin Wannop
Mrs. Kinley
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December 21st , 2012
Richard Parkers attributions to Pi’s Survival

Life of Pi is an intriguing story about a young indian boy named Pi, who embarks on an incredible journey across the Pacific ocean from India to Canada on a lifeboat. On his adventure, Pi is forced to confront and overcome the most daunting of obstacles and face some of the toughest survival tasks, all while accompanied by a 450 pound bengal tiger. His perspective of the tiger changes over the course of the book, and they become emotionally attached to each other. When the novel began, the tiger, named “Richard Parker,” was one of the challenges that Pi had to overcome. Towards the end however, Richard Parker becomes necessary in order for Pi to survive. In Life of Pi, Richard Parker helps Pi three main ways: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

As their journey progresses, surviving becomes one of the most difficult tasks that Pi and Richard Parker have to face. Some of these challenges include extreme risk, where Richard Parker puts himself in danger to protect Pi’s life. An ideal example of one of these occurrences is when Pi meets the french cast away with cannibalistic tendencies. In the face of danger, Richard Parker “ripped the flesh off the man’s frame and cracked his bones,” saving Pi (pg. 283). However, this isn't the only time that he rescues Pi. Richard Parker defeats the sharks that are threatening Pi’s life in Chapter 41, which is an excellent example of his loyalty towards defending Pi. Another example of his care for Pi is the incident on Chapter 53, when he killed the hyena, another one of the things capable of harming Pi. At the end of the story, Pi owes his life to Richard Parker.

Richard Parker didn't just physically defend Pi, he also kept him mentally sane. When Pi was successful with “taming” Richard Parker, it gave him the boost of confidence he needed to survive. The main effect that Richard Parker has on Pi is...
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