richard nixon

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  • Published: February 13, 2014
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Richard Nixon
Since July 4, 1776 The United States of America has a total of forty four men that have been elected to lead the nation. Of the forty four men that have lead the nation only three have ties to the state of California, but only one is from the state. President Richard Nixon was born on January 9, 1913 in the city of Yorba Linda. Richard Nixon spent most of his life in the state of California. Nixon attended elementary school and some of his collegiate education at Whittier College before moving on to Duke University School of Law. Returning to California, Richard Nixon’s political career begins with him serving as a republican representative to the twelfth district to the state of California. Continuing to represent the state of California Nixon goes on to become a senator as well. Nixon’s early political success continues with successfully being elected vice president underneath President Eisenhower. Following this Nixon was eventually Elected President of the United States of America. What should have been the pinnacle of his political career quickly became controversial and lead Nixon to be the first President to ever resign. Although he will forever be remembered for the highly controversial Watergate Scandal, Nixon should also have some recognition for what good he did as well. Nixon had extraordinary feats with his foreign policy, thus making very successful trips to both Russia and China. Nixon was also commander in chief of the arms forces during the Vietnam War, Famously stating that the war was ending. Although his political career ended in one of the most controversial Presidencies ever, President Richard Nixon is still one the most successful politician from the state of California.

Growing up Richard Nixon grew up on the families lemon ranch; but the family ranch would eventually fail, resulting in the Nixon family continually going through financial hardship. After completion of high school however, Nixon would continue to strive toward the American dream and enrolls into Whittier College in September of 1930 (Richard). Thriving at Whittier College, Nixon was able to earn a scholarship and attend law school at Duke University. Nixon had tremendous success at Duke University. At Duke, Nixon began his political career becoming the president of the student bar association (McClay). The first stage of Nixon’s journey was completed in June of 1937 when he graduated.

Nixon’s professional career begins shortly after completion of his college education. Nixon showed extreme capability and interest in politics while attending Duke University. The interest in politics did not fade away once Nixon returned home. After a brief stint in the United States Navy in which Nixon served during World War II. Nixon’s naval career ends with an honorable discharge and paves the way for start of a professional career.

Richard Nixon’s professional political career begins just nine years after completing college. With interests in politics while attending Duke Law university, and his Naval career during the war; the foundation to the beginning of Nixon’s Career. Upon conclusion of the war Nixon was approached by a group of republicans convinced him to run for congress. Nixon promised to run a “vigorous campaign on a platform of practical liberalism (Rung). Already showing natural leadership qualities during his campaign for a seat in the House Nixon was praised by the Los Angeles Times, “a natural leader who was neither a reactionary nor a leftist or parlor pink” (Rung). Running against Nixon was democratic Jerry Voohis. After the war the Democratic Party had control over the government and also obtained some dislike along the way. Taking advantage Nixon preached for in favor of the Republican Party and to take back some control of the government. After a leading a successful campaign, Nixon defeated Voorhis by a landslide earning more that fifteen thousand votes. Nixon was a very successful congressman who...
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