Richard Linklater's 'Tape'

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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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Everybody would agree that the entire film takes place in real time and it seems to have a simple plot. There is no flashback but instead to remember to the things happened in the past 10 years ago. The author use the mode of multiperspectivity which means to build the story by seeing situations from different perspectives, hearing different voices and opinions, listening and thinking, increasing awareness and understanding. Usually, if you are in 3rd person point of view that the camera is in one character’s head you stay in that point of view for a whole scene or issue. On the other hand, when multiple characters are in the same scene and you want to be in the head of each character, then you are seeing with an omniscient point of view. That’s to say, if you’re skipping around and dipping into the thoughts and emotions of many characters, it’s omniscient.

Another aspect of using multiperspectivity is that it enables the author to present his characters in one scene switching one and another. An example is a scene with two characters facing off, in a tense situation. The point of view shifts evenly between the two of them, and the reader gets to see that one of the characters is in full control of their emotions and their perception of control during the encounter, while the other is mentally falling apart, but manages to keep their outward appearance strong. To illustrate, I think Vince seemed to have an aggressive behavior and have a tendency of violence which is also implied by John while they were talking due to Vince’s way of life and outlook. Then, the conversation between

John and Vince has turned into the question of violence to Amy from the general issues about their job, lives and way of living. At the beginning of the conversation, though John denied the violence, he gave a concession that he said ‘excessive linguistic pressure’ as the means he applied to force Amy into having sex with him. Nonetheless, after Vince’s language of force as...
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