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  • Published: June 14, 2013
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English Essay- Richard III
“Through exploring connections between texts, a deeper understanding of each text emerges. Discuss this statement with reference to King Richard III and looking for Richard.”

The way a text’s central values and themes are portrayed to an audience can be greatly influenced by the context in which it is set, although many of these themes can carry on through the time in which it was set in and still be relevant to a modern audience. William Shakespeare’s “King Richard III” is a good example of this as many of the central values in this text are still quite relevant to a contemporary audience. Although there are still many barriers such as Shakespeare’s unique language style and the play’s Elizabethan context, that prevent a modern audience from understanding these central values. Al Pacino uses his docu-drama “Looking for Richard” to try to break down the barriers that prevent a contemporary audience from understanding the original play by reshaping the central values of power, evil and manipulation and making them presentable to modern audience. Through reshaping and making the themes more accessible to a modern audience, Pacino has allowed for a connection between the texts to be made and a deeper understanding of each of the texts to emerge. In the 16th century, plays were the primary form of entertainment. Shakespeare had to use his excellent imagery and expressions to attract and entertain Elizabethan audiences. Now in the 20th century, film medium is seen as the superior form of entertainment. As a result, Al Pacino has the ability to use special effects and excellent camera angles to portray Shakespeare’s historical play in a modern context. In the Elizabethan era, power was seen as a very important part of society due to the hierarchical structure. In Shakespeare’s “Richard III”, power is represented through the position of King. The desire for power is Richard’s central motivation, and to get power, he must become the King...
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