Richard Iii

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English Essay. Richard III by David Usher. Word Count: 887

The comment “Richard’s evil succeeds because he makes use of the evil and corruption of others” largely explains the success of Richards plans to ascend the throne. In this essay, I will endeavour to explain how the evil and corruption of others directly attributed to Richards succession of obtaining the throne and account for his fall from the shortcomings in his own character.

Richard III was a very complex character; he was born deformed and was considered “ugly” among other people including himself. Richard described himself as “deformed and unfinished, so unpleasant to look at, that dogs bark at him, sent before his time”. Because he didn’t think that he was worthy of love because of his looks and deformities he wished to inflict pain upon other people and act like a villain. He achieved this by deceiving others and manipulating them to do his will.

The first example of his manipulation is illustrated clearly within the first Act, Scene I of the play, where Richard reveals that he has planned to have Clarence killed. He shows his duplicity by pretending to feel saddened by the news of the King’s ill health. He tells the King a prophecy, which he invented, which suggests that Clarence will kill King Edward.

King Edward orders for his own brother to be executed just because he sees him as threat to the throne. Richard tells his brother Clarence of his love for him and that he will do anything in his power to have him released, but when alone, he reveals that he actually truly seeks Clarence’s death. He also tries to blame Queen Elizabeth for Clarence’s imprisonment, turning the blame away from himself. Richard achieved Clarence’s death by manipulating Edward’s paranoia and protectiveness of the throne.

In Act I, Scene II we see Richard cleverly manipulating Anne even though she is aware of his evil character traits. Richard killed Anne’s husband and father-in-law so that he could marry...
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