Richard Branson

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  • Published : November 21, 2011
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The Success of Richard Branson and
His Influence on Management
Shanele Windsor
MGT 301 VA
Fort Hays State University
September 12, 2010

The Success of Richard Branson and
His Influence on Management
Richard Branson was a young entrepreneur, who became a billionaire. Branson success was achieved through personal goals. His personal goals lead him to business goals. He obtained his business goals, by using his everyday experiences among interaction with people to his organizations. Richard used management skills, management challenges, and the management process, (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling) everyday to insure his accomplishments. Management skills consist of three skills: technical skills, human skills, and conceptual skills. Technical skills are the ability to performance at tasks with expertise. Human skills are the ability to work well with others. A conceptual skill is the ability to think analytically and solve complex problems. Managerial competency is skill-based capability for high performance in a management job using communication, teamwork, self-management, leadership, critical thinking, and professionalism. Branson was successful because he understood the management principles and took full advantage of lifelong learning in all aspects of our daily experience and job opportunities, as he has shown by Student magazine, Virgin-discount music, Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines a.k.a. Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Group Ltd. Richard Branson’s management skills and managerial competencies have enabled him to his collection of companies under the brand “Virgins.” Branson management skills influenced his businesses; one example is the Virgin Group’s main focus was to provide services rather than producing products, this lead to customer appreciation and good business publicity. In the 1990’s in Branson’s career, he decided involve Virgin Atlantic with Internet access. The Internet...
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