Richard Branson

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Richard Branson
Richard Branson, an English Business icon with international recognition, is the Chairman of the Virgin Group, a global brand which most notably includes Virgin Mobile and Virgin Airlines among many others. Although his roots are in the record industry, tracing Virgin Records all the way back to 1972, he has been able to successfully market products throughout numerous industries and across multiple platforms. From his monumental success with Virgin Airlines and Virgin Mobile, the latter selling for close to $1 Billion, Branson has continued to expand his brand into new, emerging arenas, including Virgin Galactic and LauncherOne, which aims to develop a service which would allow customers to travel outer space. Branson has continually demonstrated an intense commitment to all aspects of customer service and to developing the customer experience. Richard Branson knew both the big picture and the details of his business ventures. Even early in his business career, Branson had a vision, although tweaked occasionally, for his brand and how to develop it across multiple industries. For example, although Virgin Records started as an advertising service, he had the vision to restructure the entire industry—which ultimately led to changes regarding the process of record re-sale and discounting and distribution. With the Rattay 2

sports industry continually becoming more dynamic and complex, especially as technology and digital media become increasingly influential, it is crucial to thoroughly understand all facets of an operation. As an entrepreneur, Branson has been able to develop and sharpen his business skills through a plethora of different ventures. His first business was magazine, Student, that he launched when he was just 16 years old. He acknowledges that since that time it has become much more difficult to successfully launch a business because of the aforementioned changes, which he was able to recognize and, in turn, use to his advantage:...
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