Rich vs Poor

Topics: Crime, A Good Thing, Success Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Journal - 3
Compare and Contrast Presentation Outline/Essay
Shihan Shoukath

While spending time thinking about the goal in my life, the only one answer coming up in my mind is to achieve success. But what exactly the word ‘success’ should be defined? Thinking considerably, there are at least two fundamental achievements in life that inspire people. One is to be rich, while another one is to be famous. Though these two words are somehow closely related if you think about the celebrities who are famous and rich at the same time, there are some others who only have high recognition but not rich, such as Mother Teresa who devoted her whole life doing charity for the poor. Therefore, the topic that I am really interested in is about whether to be rich or to be famous is the key word for success.

Being famous does not necessary mean bring rich, and vice-versa. Both generally bring satisfaction if brought to one in a positive manner, or in a way he/she intended it to. Because being famous and being rich are both signs leading to success, which in most cases, is the human’s ultimate goal. Being just either rich or famous, other than being a positive thing, could produce highly negative and unwanted end results too. A huge percentage of people are famous as a result of all sorts of negativity, such as criminal acts and negative politics. At the same time, a good part of the world’s drug lords and terrorism-driven groups are fairly rich too. So when does being rich or famous become a good thing? Usually, a combination of being rich and famous, surprisingly, doesn’t do as much harm to coexisting peers, as the former would. Although criminals who fall under lists such as ‘FBI’s Most Wanted’, turn out to be rich and famous, regardless of how they got to where they are. But a bigger portion of the ‘rich and famous’ category are occupied by highly paid movie stars and sportsmen, neither of whom does much harm to the society.

What I expect from contrasting their...
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