Rich Get Richer

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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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April 12, 2013

Street Crime Vs. White-Collar Crime
“Crime is a definition of human conduct that is created by authorized agents in a politically organized society.” There are many different ways to analyze crime, many different angles to look at types of crimes and justify what is worse than the other. Street crime and white collar crimes are both illegitimate opportunities. White collar crimes have more upsets and negative repercussions towards the civil society, but usually street crime has more consequences when it comes to death rates. Street crime is something that can be prevented. Human beings are not born into being a criminal; it’s the society and culture that surrounds them that forces them in a sense to be exposed into the criminal life. Street crime is 99% of the time happening in areas of poverty. There is many ways to prevent poverty; better education, more concern, etc. Our society is a wealthy society that is capable of fixing things like this, but the money is directed to things viewed more important, such as locking up people that commit small crimes compared to some of the white collar crimes. In the last 25 years, black’s unemployment rate is doubled compared to white Americans. Criminal behavior is not something one is born with, it’s born through communication with others that are surrounded. If there was not a negative look towards street crime and poverty and instead it was looked as something that needs to be fixed, many more minorities would have jobs, putting them in a different environment more likely to succeed and stay out of trouble. A rich white man can commit the same crime as a poor black man, and the white man is almost guaranteed to not get charged remotely close to the charge that the black man would receive. With things like that happening , it prolongs the reoccurrence of this happening, it starts to become viewed as normal, or the way it should be. White collar crimes are more spread across different...
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