Rich and Poor

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  • Published : June 17, 2011
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Question 1: The Rich and the Poor
The term poor refers to the people who do not have enough wealth to feed and cloth their families, on the contrary the term rich refers to the people who possess wealth and are capable of buying the luxuries for them. Poverty exists everywhere, and, unfortunately, in the third world countries its magnitude is substantial. Every year, millions of people in underdeveloped countries die because of starvation or various diseases. (Sen and Foster, 2007) It is common in countries like Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and Bangladesh, where the average income of a poor person is below one dollar per day. On the other hand, developed countries have a low rate of poverty, although the gap in developing countries between rich and poor is also increasing. The main causes are availability of exclusive luxuries for the rich people, like exclusive clubs, parks, resorts, lawns etc. These exclusive luxuries are creating a gap between the rich and poor in developed countries.

Gap between Rich and Poor
The exclusive community in America for rich which includes: private school, private health clinic, clubhouse, well-groomed lawns and paths for leisure activities, also numerous security guards, maids, chauffeurs, plumbers, and electricians made the life of rich people more easy. They live in the societies which will supply them electricity, even during the frequent and long power outages in the city. (Wilkinson, 2005) It is a way for rich citizens to buy an escape from the many hardships that affect much of the country. Additionally, these elite communities reflect the desires of American’s developing affluence, giving them Western amenities along with American indulgences. Therefore, the issue at hand right now is that the poor are falling deeper and deeper into poverty, while the rich continue to accumulate more wealth. The presence of the middle class is waning as the difference between the upper, and lower classes are growing larger. It is raising...
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