Ricer vs Musle Car

Topics: Internal combustion engine, Plymouth Superbird, Automobile Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: March 13, 2013
“my lug nuts require more torque then A Honda makes.” You should buy a muscle car over a tuner any day. You should buy a muscle car because you’ll get more respect the more fun to have and the costs less to fix up. Over all muscle cars are just a better car to have. Yes tuner cars in better gas mileage and they are lighter. But muscle cars have more power and are faster.

The first reason you should buy a muscle car is because you will get more respect than if you drove a tuner. You will get more respect in a and muscle car because more older people like muscle cars than tuners most older people and had muscle cars. the second reason is because most kids then drive tuners are disrespectful. All around people then drive muscle cars are more respectful that people that drive tumors. So therefore people then drive muscle cars get more respect than people that drive tuners.

the second reason you should buy a muscle car and is because they’re more fun to have and drive. There a more formal own drive because you can go to car shows and put your car in it when you had a tumor there is not as many car shows as there is four muscle cars. The second reason is because they have more power so you can do more stuff with them like go faster, do better doughnuts. Do bigger bur ton outs. So when you do that it makes a whole lot funnier to have a muscle car.

The last reason it is better to buy a muscle car then a tuner is that if they are all are cheaper to fix up. It is better to be cheaper to fix up then have better gas mileage. Because overall you will spend more money making your car faster than it would it be for the difference and gas. And if it’s cheaper to fix up, You can do more to it to make it faster. Because we all know that if you have a muscle car or a tuner that you want to make it faster, so if you spend less money on a muscle car making it faster than why would you want a tuner when it is going to cost more to make faster. It costs more to make a tumor...
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