Rice Padies and Math

Topics: China, Chinese language, Paddy field Pages: 4 (1362 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Positive Attitude And Hard Work Always Pays Off
I believe the quote that can sum up this chapter and so poignantly and rings through my mind is “No one can rise before dawn three hundred sixty days a year fails to make his family rich”. The beliefs that hard work, opportunity, luck, and a positive attitude all have a major part in making one an Outlier; I am convinced is true. The chapter, Rice Paddies and Math Tests, Gladwell suggests that hard work and dedication leads to prosperous outcomes.  Most of the driven workers in the world come from China.  All over China and in cities like Guangzhou revolve around their rice paddies.  The rice paddies in China are the most elaborate form of agriculture.  Growing rice paddies requires the most intricate planting process that entire Chinese families partake.  Constant, tedious work is required to keep the plant alive.  These families dedicate up to 3,000 hours a year to their rice fields.  In our American society the first thing that may come to mind when hearing their work hours would be, "They're crazy." Or, "Why would they work so hard for such a small outcome?".  But in China, their attitude is totally different. “Rice is Life” as, stated in this chapter South Chinese villages agree that, "Without rice, you don't survive.  If you want to be anyone.... you would have to have rice.  It made the world go around."  This is what separates Western agriculture ' was from China that the techniques of rice cultivation spread throughout East Asia.” Western farmers are inclined to building and using large machinery, which reduces labor by man.  These machines make is easier to plant more crops in the same amount of time, which results in larger crop fields.  In China, there is no easy way out; they have no extra land to expand their crops to and not enough money for agricultural machines.  Therefore, they became smarter in time management and overall self-discipline so they could improve their fields. . Math in Western...
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