Rice Industry in India

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Organization is a social unit of people, systematically arranged and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals on a continuing basis. All organizations have a management structure that determines the relationship between different functions and positions, and subdivides and delegate roles, responsibilities, and authority to carry out defined tasks. Organizations are open systems in that they affect and are affected by the environment beyond their boundaries. In an organization study each and every department in an organization is observed and analyzed in detail. The study gives equal importance to every organ of an organization and projects their importance towards the organization in achieving its objectives. The study also gives an opportunity to interact with the people working in the organization. It also helps in identifying and studying the various policies, procedures and programmes adopted by the organization. An organization study will help in having a better idea about the functions of each department in detail and the duties and responsibilities of each and every personnel in a particular department. It will also provide better picture about the organization structure and the hierarchy of various positions in the organization The organization study on Chirackal agro mills is conducted for understanding the structure and functioning of various departments such as finance, production and marketing.

The overall objective of this study in Chirackal agro mills is to acquire knowledge about the functioning of the organization.

Primary Objectives
To gain in depth knowledge in functioning of the organization.

Secondary Objectives
To understand the organizational structure of the company.

✓ To understand the functioning of various departments of the company. ✓ To know about the production process and quality control. ✓ To know the position of the company

The organization study was done at Chirackal agro mills, a. The study was undertaken by visiting the organization at Kalady. Duration of the study was 30 days, from 1-05-2010 to 31-05-2010. The study gave importance in understanding the structure and functioning of various departments and the production process. Primary and secondary data were collected for getting clarity on the study.

Primary Sources Of Data
Primary data is obtained by consulting the staff and other employees of the organization. Primary data is the most reliable and most accurate data.

Secondary Sources Of Data
Secondary sources included
✓ Annual reports
✓ Brochures
✓ Magazines
✓ Company records
✓ Company website



Rice is a grain belonging to the grass family. It is related to other grass plants such as wheat, oats and barley which produce grain for food and are known as cereals. Rice refers to two species (Oryza sativa and Oryza glaberrima) of grass, native to tropical and subtropical south-eastern Asia and to Africa, which together provide more than one-fifth of the calories consumed by humans. The plant, which needs both warmth and moisture to grow, measures 2-6 feet tall and has long, flat, pointed leaves and stalk-bearing flowers which produce the grain known as rice. Rice is rich in genetic diversity, with thousands of varieties grown throughout the world. Throughout history rice has been one of man's most important foods. Today, this unique grain helps sustain two-thirds of the world's population. It is life for thousands of millions of people. It is deeply embedded in the cultural heritage of their societies. About four-fifth of the world's rice is produced by small-scale farmers and is consumed locally. Rice cultivation is the principal activity and source of income for about 100...
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