Rhetorics of Sin - Book Report

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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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Diliman, Quezon City

The Rhetorics of Sin

By Mary Jannette L. Pinzon

A Book Review in Communications 3

SUBMITTED BY: Frances Abegail G. QuezonSECTION: THX – 1

SUBMITTED TO: Ms. Mary Janette PinzonDATE: October 4, 2012

.The book The Rhetorics of Sin is mainly about the influence of Manila Archbishop, Jaime Cardinal Sin. It is written by Mary Jannette Pinzon, a member of the faculty at the Department of Speech Communication and Theater Arts in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. The book shows Sin’s effect on the Filipino people and the government as a speaker and it shows how he influenced the events that transpired within the country with his speeches. The time setting is within the period 1972 to 1992 and most of the parts of the book focus on Sin’s speeches during the Marcos regime. The book tackles the question whether Jaime Cardinal Sin violated the constitution by using the church to meddle with the affairs of the state.

Jaime Cardinal Sin had two personas as a speaker. The first one was a citizen of the Philippines. One that had full rights of expressing himself. In the book, when he was criticized of meddling with state affairs using the pulpit, he would sometimes say that he was merely exercising his rights, his freedom of speech, not as a priest, but as a Filipino citizen. He reiterated that priests or church authorities in general are also Filipino nationals and therefore had the right to speak about political affairs, and have varying opinions, and endorse their own political candidates. As long as they do not use the pulpit for these reasons, they are not violating the separation of Church and State.

His other persona was as a leader of the church or a pastor. As a moral guardian of the Filipino people. One that guides rather...
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