Rhetoricla Analysis for "On Covers of Many Magazines, a Full Racial Palette Is Still Rare"

Topics: Magazine, Teen magazine, Writing Pages: 4 (1322 words) Published: November 15, 2010
Rhetorical Analysis for “On Covers of Many Magazines, a Full Racial Palette is Still Rare”

In David Carr’s essay, “On Covers of Many Magazines, a Full Racial Palette is Still Rare,” the author states his opinion/analysis of the magazine industry and the, small amount of diversity that is involved with it at this time, but he believes that it could be on the rise. In this essay Carr takes his opinion, explains it, and also supports it with many statistics and quotes from people involved in the industry. He supports his argument with many rhetorical devices and successfully proves his point.

The main purpose in Carr writing this essay is to expose the small amount of diversity involved with the magazine industry, which has always been somewhat low however he believes that as time goes on it is going to grow, and diversity in magazines will be a normal thing to see. The author takes a few different aspects of the industry and analyzes them, for example, how race among teens is not as much of an issue; therefore diversity is greater amongst magazines that appeal to the teen audience. Carr is writing this essay to a wide range when it comes to an audience there are two different aspects that make this true. The first reason is that, race does not pertain to a single age range, and reason number two is that because he does talk about teenage magazines. A younger teen might not be very interested in this subject, but an older teenager could be, so the audience could be considered roughly seventeen and up.

David Carr has worked as the editor of the Washington City Paper. He has had articles appear on Salon.com, and the Atlantic Monthly. Currently, he is the Media critic for the New York Times (227). Considering that he does have experience with some newspapers and media already, along with working as the media critic for the New York Times, most would consider that enough experience to be considered trusting when it comes to his sources. He needs no authority to...
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