Rhetorical Strategies of a Business

Topics: Birthday, Customer, Customer service Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Rhetorical Strategies of a Business
Businesses around the world use rhetorical strategies everyday to sell their goods and services to consumers worldwide. By using rhetorical strategies, businesses can educate their customers about who they are and even encourage them to buy what they sell. Take for example Party City, a party supply store. When you enter a Party City store, you are bombarded by an array bright of colors, big and bold graphic lettering, bouncy balloons, and friendly staff ready to help you at any moment. Inside the store, aisles are conveniently organized by color, theme, and occasion (Halloween, Christmas, weddings, birthdays, etc). For instance, there is an aisle fully dedicated to wedding cards, favors, decorations, plates, cups, and cutlery, as well as multiple aisles dedicated completely to birthday parties. Party City’s strive for organization is convenient for both the staff and customers. Instead of searching the whole store, customers and staff can browse and find exactly what they need quickly and efficiently. Party City mainly looks to attract people of all ages and diversities who love to have fun, throw a wide variety of parties, and in general are looking for party supplies at a reasonable and affordable price. By focusing on a specific audience, people who love to throw parties, they can sell more goods because those people are more likely to buy the goods that Party City sells and advertises. Party City also focuses heavily on customer service. While at the store, I was asked multiple times by sales associates if I was finding what I was looking for and if I needed any help looking. They approached me in a very polite and professional way, and even offered me a shopping basket to have while I look around. By concentrating on customer service, Party City forms better customer relations, which in turns makes customers want to come back again in the future. Party City’s effective use of rhetorical strategies persuades...
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