Rhetorical Reading Notes

Topics: Idea, Critical thinking, Thought Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: September 13, 2012

I know absolutely nothing about the author. I expect the text to be hard because the chair of the department of English at the University of North Florida would be good at English. 2. I am hoping to observe the author’s point of view and what he is trying to show the readers, if the text is hard to understand I will read it over and over again until I can understand it or at least get a general idea of the text. 1. The text is realistic, it has a lot of evidence and examples to support the idea 2. The text represents itself in a very scientific based way. The evidences provided make it trustable 3. The story doesn’t introduce any characters.

4. There is no particular setting, time, or place for the story 5. The story begins with a brief introduction to the topic it then moves on talk about the different types of judgment which are reflective judgment, non-reflective and Quasi-reflective reasoning. The text talk about those different type of thinking, how they develop, and explains them to the reader with providing examples. It later describes the methods of analyzing texts 6. The text doesn’t provide a resolution, it asks questions at the end that makes the reader think about even after finishing the chapter 7. The text doesn’t use much symbols or metaphors. It sticks to pure clear facts to help the reader understand 8. It develops how complicated the idea of thinking really is rather than simple. It shows the different types of thinking and how they differ from each other

9. The text is not poetic. It doesn’t use much metaphors, symbols, descriptive images or any notable poetic styles 1. The text show simplicity when reading, the text organizes its ideas under categories, for example certain ideas are shown under reflective judgment. The text stays at the same voice throughout it. It is significant how the text ends with questions that keep the reader thinking after closing the book. The...
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