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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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Appendix C

Rhetorical Modes Matrix

|Rhetorical Mode |Purpose – Explain when or why |Structure – Explain what organizational |Provide 2 tips for writing in | | |each rhetorical mode is used. |method works best with each rhetorical mode. |each rhetorical mode. | |Narration |The purpose of narrative writing|The best method one can use to structure |Use narration for sequencing | | |is to tell stories. For example,|their narrative essay is the chronological |or adding detail and more | | |when you tell a friend, family |order. Try to envision is as a structural |information into a logical | | |member or colleague about an |outline that allows to list out only the main|order typically chronological.| | |event or incident in your day or|events and bits of information that fully | | | |lifetime, you are engaging in |describe the story by moving forward. |In order to create strong | | |the form of narration. | |details, keep your senses in | | | | |mind. You are trying to induce| | |The story you tell can be |Certain words and phrases can help keep the |the reader into the world that| | |factual or fictional. Factual |reader induced in the sequencing of a story. |you create, so focus on the | | |stories are based on faithful | |minimal details related to, | | |actual events as they occurred | |sight, touch, smell, sound, | | |in real life. | |and taste, the more you | | | | |describe a noun, and events in| | | | |your paper. | | |The purpose of Illustration in |Initially the Idea of an essay belongs in the|Do not rely on just one phrase| |Illustration |writing is to demonstrate or |beginning, then evidence is placed in the |of illustration, mix in a | | |show something. Knowing how to |essays body paragraphs. In order to support |variety of words to fully | | |illustrate properly allows the |your main point, use the strongest piece of |phrase out your paper. | | |writer to support his/her points|evidence you think is useful. Another method | | | |and information with the use of |you can try is building up your point with |Use time transitions to | | |well evidenced information. |the evidence you have starting from lesser to|chronologically order the | | | |greater evidence |evidence and information being| | | | |used. | |Description |This type of essay usually | |When writing a descriptive | | |describes a noun, or using |Choosing a subject is the first step in |essay be sure to use plenty of| | |sensory details. A descriptive |writing a description essay. Once you have |vivid sensory details to fully| | |essay is typically more flexible|chosen the noun...
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