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Topics: Education, Learning disability, Vocational education Pages: 3 (1198 words) Published: June 22, 2012
My target audience is my fellow classmates and students of all ages. I would like to reach anyone who feels they are “average” and also people who want to be more than average. My audience is of both genders and a variety of ethnic backgrounds. The audience already knows that Mike Rose was a misplaced student who was sent on a dead end track for his education. He was then redefined by being placed in college prep courses and blossomed into a very successful writer. I believe anyone who read the core reading can remember a similar time during their education that they didn’t get what they needed from their given curriculum. From the rhetorical analysis, I suspect my readers will want to see ideas to make room for improvement in education. I don’t expect to see any attitudes or biases, as I believe a better education is something everyone can agree on. My relationship to the audience is that I am a fellow classmate and student. I hope that the audience will trust what I have to say, because we have all experienced a dead end and success at different points in our lives. I would like everyone to see that there is always room to learn more and that people should not hold themselves to any certain standard for education. Always keep the mind open and be willing to learn as much as possible in life. The Drive to Succeed

“Students will float to the mark you set,” said Mike Rose (Rose 110). Every day students are being held to a lower standard. Not only does this happen at school, but in the home life as well. Today’s generation seems to have a lot of things done for them. We just hand out A’s, and allowance that hasn’t even been earned. From these poor examples being set for us, we lose the motive and drive that it takes to succeed. People are going through life with a sense that they are owed something. At Our Lady of Mercy, children were put on a vocational track for their education. The vocational track was merely a “dumping ground for the...
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