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Rhetorical Essay

By | September 2011
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Throughout history we as a people have had, and still have wars about religion, politics, and different ideas. Theses war are reported on the news, and in papers. However the effect that these wars have on people are not always said, until recently. In the short essay “Untold stories of kindness,” Ernesto Haibi provides an informative and descriptive narration detailing his own personal experience in the Iraqi war. Kim Phuc, in “A long road to forgiveness,” also provides a descriptive narration, but speaks more about the hardship she had to deal with after the Vietnam War. Both writers having very different views and experiences of war both use pathos, logos, ethos and very descriptive detail in there writing to help express their views and believes. Ernesto Haibi shares his story of war through the eyes of an army medic. He starts off his short essay by saying “ I believe in mankind: not gods, not devils, not angels, and not spirits”(p.97). He right away uses pathos, which is an emotional appeal. By using pathos right away he catches the readers attention and makes us question why exactly does he believe in that. After that quote is said he begins to state the thing that he saw as an army medic. He states “I saw hate and loathing from all sides, and I saw caring for children, rebuilding of hospitals and schools, and feeding the poor.” He once again uses emotional appeal here but it is used differently. In this quote he gives us not a feeling of questioning but instead a sense of hope. Even though he saw the hatred and loathing of people, he saw those same people helping each other and caring for each even through all their differences. As his story goes on he writes about all the unnecessary blood shed, and violence he saw while on the field. He backs up is claims by stating a very specific date and altercation. “On June 24,2004, insurgents detonated several car bombs around the city of Mosul, killing over one hundred-no cops, no Iraqi...

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