Rhetorical Crtique

Topics: Road transport, Police, Safety Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Oliver Touati

On this rhetorical critique, I will be talking about the driving community of the state of Florida. As we all know, Florida is infamous for it's terrible accidents. John Couwels and Vivian Kuo, journalists for CNN, prepared an article about the multi-car crash that occurred on January 29th,2012, where 11 people were killed and 46 others were injured. I chose this article because car accidents are a daily event in the state of Florida. However, the roads are spacious and for the most part, well designed. Florida drivers are being held accountable for the wreck due to their lack of safety precautions used while driving through a high fog/smoke area, caused by a nearby forest fire. This article is great for a project proposal; it addresses the drivers bad decision making when faced with cautious situations. The article named “Florida Highway Patrol: Some drivers didn't slow before crashes”, explains that the Florida Highway Patrol prepared a traffic report holding the drivers of the crash, responsible for their actions by continuing to drive without headlights or warning signals, and without slowing down. The highway patrol quadrupled their staff on the road, and reported that conditions were clear enough to drive. Barely half an hour later, a car crash involving 25 vehicles closes the I-75 by gainesville. According to the report, drivers did not take the proper precautions assigned after fog and smoke warnings were placed on the road, causing more vehicles to smash into accidents that did not have enough time to be cleared from the road. This article informs us really well of a community problem. The authors use quotes from people who attended the scene giving a sense of complete reasoning or “truth” over emotion. The article continues by saying that the highway patrol has already accepted different measures and policies to promote a more secure Florida through professional law enforcement and traffic safety awareness....
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