Rhetorical Analysis- Snuggie

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The Snuggie Commercial tied to Monroe’s Motivated Sequence


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This paper focuses on an analysis of the Snuggie commercial. The author will cover the five steps that make up the Monroe’s Motivated Sequence and illuminate how the commercial is organized according to these steps.

The Snuggie Commercial tied to Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

The Snuggie is a soft, cozy, one piece blanket with sleeves that is available in 3 different colors. Awareness of this product is now worldwide due to its widely spread television commercials and advertisements. The Snuggie commercial is not one of the favored commercials in television today. It does not contain much to gain the attention of the viewer as most commercials do however after analyzing the commercial one might come to find that it is organized according to Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. The purpose of the Snuggie commercial, like all commercials, is to persuade the viewer to purchase the item is advertised.

The target viewer of the Snuggie commercial is male or female, young or old, with the desire to stay warm and cozy while still being able to mobilize your arms and hands instead of them being trapped underneath a blanket. The versatility of the Snuggie makes it usable by all genders and all ages. The commercial suggests this by having adults and young kids wearing the Snuggie, and stating that one size fits all. Now let’s take a look at how the Snuggie commercial is tied to Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.

Attention is the first step in the sequence. The Snuggie commercial does not contain any solid approaches to gaining the viewers’ attention. Instead it begins with stating a need.

Need, the second step in the Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. The commercial reflects this step by presenting the need to keep warm during the cold months without raising the heating bill. People try to solve this problem with a blanket,...
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