Rhetorical Analysis Paper

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  • Published : March 3, 2011
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Rhetorical Analysis Paper

From the beginning, the FLO TV personal television ad that first aired during the 2009 Super Bowl grabbed my attention by using Jim Nantz, the legendary sportscaster, to commentate on the entire commercial. Hitting on the rhetorical appeal of ethos, because even if I wasn’t looking at the TV at the time, as soon as I hear Jim Nantz voice, it makes me want to see what he’s talking about. Jim’s giving the play by play on the man in the commercial, Jason Glasby, giving an injury report that his spine has been removed by his girlfriend because he has been forced to go shopping with her instead of watching the football game. Jim Nantz gives his advice that by getting a FLO TV would allow Jason to watch the game and “change out of that skirt.” Personally I love this commercial. It makes me laugh every time that I watch it. Especially when Jason comments in the background to his girlfriend, “how about lavender?” and Jim responds with a straight faced, “how about not.” That part gets a laugh out of me every time that I see it. I’m sure that a lot of guys can relate to this commercial, just as I can. Having to go do something with a significant other rendering us incapable of watching the big game or just doing something that we want to do in general, I know it happens. I feel bad for the character Jason in the ad; I can feel his pain, making me know that the commercial uses pathos well. Causing others to feel badly for Jason is one of the main strategies for this ad. I know this commercial makes me want to have a FLO TV for when these moments arise, as I’m sure other guys would love to have one to combat these situations as well. This commercial may be interpreted entirely different from the other side of the sex. I don’t know if I’m the only male to think this, but I believe that women not only enjoy going out shopping with their significant others, but also take some kind of sick satisfaction from knowing that they are...
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