Rhetorical Analysis on Energy Disaster

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  • Published : December 17, 2011
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Dana Trimmer

Rhetorical Analysis
In Michael T. Klare’s “The Coming Era of Energy Disasters,” he seems to focus on the major risks off shore drilling the causes and the effect on the environment. The overall argument conveys that unless the oil industry and the consumer take an alternative route to dangerous oil drilling “more such calamities are destined to occur” (Klare 1). Klare is very vocal in criticizing of the BP executives concerning the Deepwater Horizon disaster. He proceeds to state the fact the chief executives of BP chose to call the accident and oversight “a fallacious, if not outright lie” (Klare 1). Klare’s article offers four scenarios that point to the escalating chances of major disasters if oil companies continue to pursue deep sea drilling. Klare contends that to continue to use the energy sources at the rate we currently use it will “guarantee the equivalent of two, three, four or more Gulf oil-spill-style disasters in our energy future” (Klare 1).

In reference to Michael T. Klare’s background, he is a (PAWSS) Professor and affiliated with the Peace and World Security Studies and the School of Critical Social Inquiry. In addition, Klare is also the author of numerous books, and example, “Blood and Oil” (2004). Klare has written a number of articles in magazines such as Arms Control Today, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Current History, Foreign Affairs, Harper’s, The Nation, Scientific American and Technology Review (get Abstract). Most of the books and articles Klare has written in some way relate to the state of world affairs with most of them concerning the negative state of world affairs. Given Klare’s lifework and field of study, this creates creditability and a perfect environment with critical knowledge for the core reading Klare has chose to write about. Klare

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continues to argue that “drilling in unsafe areas and not pursuing alternative energy sources for the future, more such...
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