Rhetorical Analysis of No Impact Man

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  • Published : May 2, 2012
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Informal rhetorical Analysis of No Impact Man: In-class essay

When Beavan approached this book I believe that his target audience was intended to be those that were younger like him, therefore nobody over the age of approximately fifty. I think that he was definitely targeting the liberals of our society as well. He may also have been targeting those that were city-dwellers like him, those that were married with kids, people that were just not that informed about the situation at hand, those that were willing to change, and also middle to upper class people; wealthy.

I think his writing was meant to be more on the inspiring and entertaining side, rather than informative. Although certain parts of the book were written very informatively, most of it was meant to tell a first-hand story about his experience. I believe he was writing for various reasons. Some of those include trying to get people to change their lives in some way, having people become more aware of their actions and its impact on the environment, and also helping people to realize that they really do have the power to make some kind of difference; individual action really does matter.

I think that because of the fact that Beavan appealed to a wide variety of people with this book, he was more relatable to a lot of people. Being relatable made the notion of achieving goals such as his in the book, much more attainable therefore he was accepted and his ideas were considered more than if he were to have only appealed to one specific audience.

In order for Beavan to allow readers to receive the book how he wanted he made sure that they were not bombarded with all of the information all at once. In the book, as Beavan begins his journey he starts slowly by conquering certain aspects of his life at one time. For example, he begins by cutting down his waste/trash within the first four months, than fully tackles the food issues he has to face during the next four months, and finally during...
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