Rhetorical Analysis of an Argument

Topics: Satellite television, English-language films, Customer service Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Jordan Sands
Jaimie Young
ENG 101
23 January 2013

                                                 Rhetorical Analysis of an Argument

                The Direct TV commercial “Don’t attend your own funeral” focuses on the quality of service, and the customer service of regular cable in comparison to Direct TV. From the beginning scene and progression of the commercial, it’s implied that cable service is bad, causing customers to need someone to come fix the service. This would trigger a chain of events, outrageously resulting in having to fake a funeral. As unbelievable and unrealistic as the claim may seem, the audience has been addressed with a sense of humor which makes the claim effective.

The commercial starts out with an “average Joe” at home sitting in front of his TV. You can tell by the scene, he lives in a small apartment, appears to be single, and is aged between 20 and 30 years old. This situation would apply to a majority of the audience/people seeing this commercial. The TV has a gray screen, and the commercial is introduced as, “When you wait forever for the cable guy, you get bored.” This gives the audience the idea that cable service is bad, and doesn’t work; therefore you would need a technician to come fix it. This would be considered an audience appeal in a more ethical way; it gives Direct TV the credibility regular cable doesn’t have, and is being stripped of in this commercial. As claimed, when someone gets bored while waiting, they look outside and “see things they shouldn’t see”, which is demonstrated in the commercial as two men putting a large plastic bag into the back of a car. You can tell by the men’s reactions that “Joe” was in trouble.

The next scene is Joe in his room, which is very plainly decorated, and small. The entire lay out of his house is dull, and doesn’t draw attention at all. When noticing this, it’s also shown that Joe is very plainly dressed as well; he has muted-colored casual business attire on. This...
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