Rhetorical Analysis of an Ad

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  • Published: April 3, 2013
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Old Spice Rhetorical Analysis
Old Spice is very blatant in the way they attract their customers. An obvious example is The Man Your Man Could Smell Like commercial. In this advertisement Old Spice envisions their audience to be anyone who is in a relationship or trying to be in relationship. The more obvious targeted audience is the female audience. To attract the female audience they put an attractive man in the commercials and try to make it seem that if their “man” uses old spice body washes their “man” will be like him. Then they also use things such as a yacht to make it seem that if their body wash is used then they will have a rich husband/ significant other. Then the man also has many things that a woman would desire such as tickets to the show that they want to see, or diamonds. Then finally to top it off they put a beautiful horse in the commercial. All in all they are trying to make woman believe that if their “man” uses Old Spice Body wash their man will fulfill all of their wildest dreams. This is all the idea of transfer. As Hirschberg says the idea of transfer is, “The kinds of association’s audiences are encouraged to perceive a broad range of positive emotional appeals that encourage the audience to find self-esteem through the purchase of a product that by-itself offers a way to meet personal and social needs.” All that this is saying is that advertisers want you to feel that if you don’t buy the product you won’t be successful in meeting your social and personal goals. But the commercial also tries to target the male audience in sort of the same way they attract the female audience. Old Spice believes all men want to have a sculpted body and attract women. This commercial makes the average man think that if they use this Body Wash it will make them attract more women. The male audience believes that every woman’s dream is to marry a rich man and have all the things they could desire. Some desired things are diamonds and a yacht. And of...
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