Rhetorical Analysis First Memory vs. Huge Earrings

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First Memory vs. huge ear rings
The poem First Memory, by Louise Gluck is a modern poem that seems to be about how her first memory has in a way damaged or broken her, and her existence is based off of this event. How I interpret the poem is that her father was abusive and she seemed to rebel against him as soon as she got the chance. Near the end of the poem though she realizes that she has let herself be broken and that love need to come from within herself. The poem huge ear rings, by Charles Bukowski is also a modern poem. This poem is about a woman and the radical changes and things women were able to do during this time period. He talks about how she always has errands and something to do, which is a standard for women in all time periods I believe. Then he goes on to describe her clothes and her demeanor and how she is able to walk freely in the street barefooted. At the end of the poem he says “200 years ago they would have burned her at the stake” which is again referencing how many things have changed for women. He appreciates this woman though, it seems as though he loves her, so he is not looking down on the changes and new things women are able to do.

The rhetorical strategies used in these two poems are the form, the rhythm, the word choice, and the tone of the poem. In First Memory, the poem is in free verse. I believe the wuthor chose free verse to keep the poem short, simple, and to the point. The rhythm of this poem is somewhat nonexistent, which is probably intentional, but it is very choppy when you read the poem. The word choice contributes to the tone of the poem as well, making you feel the author’s pain. She used words like revenge, wounded, and pain. These words are simple, but when you read the poem they hit you harder than you would expect. The tone of this poem is pained, which helps me to get the sense the author had a tough childhood.

Huge ear rings is also a free verse poem with little rhythm. I believe the author used this...
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