Rhetorical Analysis

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  • Published : March 26, 2012
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Do you want to read a book and fully understand the deeper meaning of the book? If you do, the book How to Read Literature Like a Literature Professor by Thomas C. Foster is the ideal book to learn the deeper meaning of events, how to decode symbolism and how to read novels more effectively. In addition this book will give you various examples on how to spot out certain things that change the actual meaning of the story. The book How to Read Literature like a Professor helps one get a better understanding of the context of a novel contains. Before reading the book How to Read Literature like an English Professor by Thomas C. Foster, I would have never understood what the events happening actually meant. For example, in the book Jane Eyre when she leaves Thornfield to Morton and she’s out in the rain for a night and almost died. This has a deeper meaning that just here going into poverty this event signifies the re-birth and baptisms of Jane Eyre. Why it symbolizes rebirth? It symbolizes rebirth because when one is baptized with holy water it means the rebirth of ones self. Clearly after that event happens we see Jane become a new person with a new life and then she becomes rich. Another example, in the book Beowulf when Beowulf goes to avenge what Grendels mother did and he’s underwater fighting against her and he’s in a tough spot because his sword didn’t work and then he see’s a sword and grabs it to kill Grendels mother and to cut up Grendel. This event signifies Beowulf new life his baptism or rebirth because after that he enters a new phase of his life. All in all, this book allowed me to get a better interpretation of events and to fully comprehend what the author is trying to show. Have you ever thought of what an author is trying to show by an event, setting, or character? Well by reading the book How to Read Literature like a English Professor it really helps one un-code what the author is trying to symbolize and get the actual meaning of the story....
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