Rhetorical Analysis

Topics: Cancer organizations, Cancer, American Cancer Society Pages: 4 (1403 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Alexandria Corcoran
Jaren Schroeder
English W131
October 17, 2012
Cancer Research – A Super Fraud?
Is cancer research a super fraud? Is the money being raised by the several cancer organizations being used for good, or bad? Does the research the government puts forth really cover what needs to be researched, or are they missing something? These are all questions that Mr. Robert Ryan believes he has the answers to. Whether one trusts him or not is one’s own decision. Having only a bachelor degree could make this author hard to take seriously. He may have some valid points and convincing words, but the fact is, he’s no expert. With him not being an expert, it could be hard to trust his credibility. Robert Ryan, B. Sc., is a Bachelor of Science, making his opinions appear educated and well thought out. Someone reading his article can tell his education is possibly foreign, because he spells some words differently. In one paragraph, he spelled organization, like organisation. In another, he spelled program, like programme. This article was found on the internet, not proving much. The website this article was found on is called Campaign against Fraudulent Medical Research. There is a disclaimer listed at the bottom of the site, which could lead one to believe that the information read should be taken lightly. This disclaimer states that the information presented may not be factual. Mr. Ryan did cite his sources though, inferring that the information used was factual. The author was an important aspect of the article, because his background knowledge helped shape the paper. Reading a paper written by someone with a college background is easier to believe than a non-educated author. The author claims things in his paper that may or may not be true.

The author claims that cancer research is a fraud. Some background information to be considered is that cancer patients are constantly complaining about cancer treatment costs. The author states, “Have you ever...
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