Rhetorical Analysis

Topics: Smoking, Rhetoric, Smoking ban Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Shyniece Dozier
Freshman English II
Mrs. Williams
Ad Critique
17 September 2012
Normally, the vast numbers of ad campaigns that are shown on the television or the internet have one purpose: to sell a product and make money for a specific company. We as consumers of mass media and products may buy into the ad and purchase the product, or we may ignore it and see it as ineffective. Not all ad campaigns are for buying purposes, however. For example, anti-smoking ads are to prevent the consumer from buying cigarettes and costing their life by smoking them. The ad that I chose to examine was in fact an anti-smoking one. It was designed specifically for those individuals that are currently smokers, or those that are even contemplating on becoming a smoker. Featured on the ad is a sentence that states “Smoking gave me throat cancer at 39. Now I breathe through a hole in my throat and need this machine to speak.” The message is just as powerful as the breathtaking picture of the man holding a machine to the hole in his throat. Immediately after viewing this particular non-smoking ad, I realized exactly how powerful it was. Compared to other non-smoking ads, I felt that this one was much more realistic. I had a family member that died of throat cancer, and I believe that had she lived long enough to continue smoking, then she would have ended up with a machine to her throat just as the man in the ad. Likewise, what made it stand out to me was its use of pathos. The emotion felt from the ad is amazing. It made me never want to even be near a cigarette again. The ad appeals to its audience by using rhetoric. Present within the ad was an immense amount of pathos; however, there was also a bit of logos and ethos as well. There is a startling emotional appeal to this anti-smoking ad. It is technically making an attempt to scare its audience or make them more aware of the different consequences of smoking. When looking at the meaning of the words, it is giving the...
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