Rhetorical Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis: Facebook Profile
When Facebook was launched back in February of 2004, it was just a basic social networking site; the purpose was to bring people together to communicate/socialize with nothing more than their birthdate and gender to share. Nowadays, one can rhetorically analyze a Facebook page with all of the given information options and gain knowledge about any one individual. Facebook offers insight of people’s lives we are interested in, whether it is friends, family, a certain musician/artist, or a business. When analyzing a Facebook page, the person of interest may have more to them than one may have thought. Facebook provides much more information about a person than can be interpreted when first meeting that person. Analyzing George’s Facebook page will give insight on how a struggling college student can keep a smile on their face while dealing with everyday problems. George’s Facebook page consists of a variety of rhetorical tools, such as the language used in status updates, analytical photographs, and interesting background information, in which he uses to explain his life as an inspired film maker/photographer in a college environment. His use of Ethos through his posted videos and background information and Pathos through photographs, unveils the life that he lives.

George utilizes many options that Facebook provides to prove that this is his page. He was born on October 11th, 1990. He currently resides in Flagstaff, Arizona but is originally from Lebanon, Pennsylvania. He has listed the two companies that he currently works for, one as a director, the other as Audio Director/Utility. Along with jobs, he has many links to television, music, and movies, some of which he has either participated or helped produce, pointing to his primary role as an amateur college student film maker.

The audience that George is targeting is mainly fellow college students, with family as the secondary audience. His page suggests this due to...
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