Rhetorical Analysis

Topics: Emotion, Iraq War, Iraq Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Jered Niehaus
English 103

Rhetorical Analysis-
The Long Road to Forgiveness vs. Untold Stories of Kindness

In “The Long Road to Forgiveness” the reason Kim started to hate her life and the people around her is because her freedom of will was taken from her and she was now told what she had to do with her life. This would make anyone angry and I don’t blame her for the hate she had. She was jealous of the other people who were normal because it wasn’t fair that she was the one to get hit by the napalm. Everyone else got to decide what would become of their lives, while she was now going to have everything decided for her.

While Kim tells her story, she makes several statements that key on the readers’ emotions and get us to take her side. Kim uses good imagery when she tells about her village being burned down and her clothes scorched off. She says “I saw an airplane getting lower and then four bombs falling down. I saw fire everywhere around me. Then I saw fire over my body, especially on my left arm. My clothes had been burned off by the fire.” Anyone who could imagine this happening to a nine year old wouldn’t be able to help feeling sorry for this person. To make matters for the little girl worse, she was then forced to become a poster child for the Vietnamese government to show the rest of the world. Kim’s freedom to become what she wanted was taken from her. While telling her story, she does a very good job using these rhetorical pathos to make the reader feel sorry for her and take her side.

In the story, “Untold Stories of Kindness”, an American soldier tells about the brutal reality of war. He explains that even though you may not agree with the reason for the fight or even know the truth behind the war, if you are a soldier, you have to do your job and continue fighting. He hits on the point that people want to help each other even in times of war and despair. He says that if everyone will just accept people who are different,...
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