Topics: Cigarette, Lucky Strike Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Effective, or Not
Picture this; an overweight man in a track suit struggling to make it over the same hurtle a younger, more athletic man, wearing the same suit, just hurtled with ease. The slogan “when tempted to over-indulge, reach for a Lucky instead” printed just below the picture. Chances are immediately the last food which was overindulged upon comes to mind, causing a reliving the guilt that followed. As the poster is viewed, it’s hard to ignore the feeling that abstaining from indulging and satisfying the craving with a Lucky Strike Cigarette instead would cause feeling healthier and more dapper than right now. This is an example of a clever and very successful advertisement. It appeals not only to emotions, but also to intellect, while providing a foundation on which to base these claims. This paper will examine how an ad for Lucky Strike Cigarettes from 1952 used ethos, pathos, and logos to cause desire, and therefore purchases, of their product.

Pathos: an appeal to emotions. As previously touched on, this particular ad does a good job at appealing to human emotions through the use of its graphics. The large man who is struggling to keep pace with the slimmer, athletic man appeals to a place deep inside everyone who has ever indulged in junk food of any kind. That shame and guilt felt after such an indulgence is plastered all over the face of the poor fat man on the poster. It’s a very relatable anguish, saying, “If only I hadn’t eaten that pizza, I could look like him!” The fit man, on the other hand, looks confident. He is the picture of health: trim, powerful, handsome. This clever ad not only causes the viewer to see a reflection of themselves in the large man, but then provides figure to idolize in the slim man. The ad causes the realization of insecurities and gives a seemingly fool-proof solution to them; an easy fix found in Lucky Strike Cigarettes. Who doesn’t want that?

On the same line of thought comes logos: an appeal...
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